There is an incredible video which I discovered after I finished the book that I linked to.  This person had actually shot video on some of the days of the rioting that I had in my book.  Some of the incidents I referred to in the book such as the Sather Gate slingshot and the tear gas fetching dog he caught on video!  It gives a real flavor of the times quite complementary to a couple of the chapters of the book.
It is at:
A truly remarkable film of the 1970 riots,  taken, edited and narrated by Larry Nimmer during his first quarter as a student at Berkeley.  He captured a brief sequence of the Sather Gate slingshot in action, and there are shots of a dog that might be the tear gas canister fetching dog.
A series of still shots of anti-war riots taken on Berkeley’s south side of campus.
The Woodstock clips of the Jefferson Airplane are also great, and the Jefferson Airplane and one of their songs have a role in the book in one of the chapters.
Jefferson Airplane performing Somebody to Love at the Woodstock music festival, 1969.
Volunteers of America performed by the Jefferson Airplane at the Woodstock music festival.

 References and Links

I have gathered the most important and interesting source material used in the preparation of the book.  I have also included some links that capture the mood and ambiance of the times in ways that add to what I have tried to convey in the book.


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